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The Approved Industry Standard Code of Practice for Chimney Sweeping.

We provide a thoroughly comprehensive service including Power sweeping & camera inspections and all aspects of our work are fully insured with certificate issued after every sweep.

Chimneys need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gasses and increase the efficiency of some appliances so we provide as thorough and as honest a service as is possible.

We can also offer advice as to how to keep the occupier, owner aware of any faults/hazards found during the work.

Regular sweeping will remove soot, bird’s nests, cobwebs and any other blockages which may occur during periods of non-use. When in use, we recommend the following:

  • Smokeless fuel: At least once a year
  • Wood: Quarterly when in use
  • Bituminous coal: Quarterly when in use
  • Oil: Once a year
  • Gas: Once a year

Respect must be shown to the dangers of fire, suffocation and ill health caused by the malfunction of such chimneys, flue ways and appliances so we also provide chimney testing and venting with the use of smoke pellets.